My (low-budget) Christmas

 by Camelia Sucaliac

My first Christmas away from home was spent differently than usual, but that’s what made me realise how special Christmas is.

“Christmas; it is like any other day, but more hyped up” that’s what I used to think.

I was a spoiled child with a higher-middle class family with an ‘all-American’ attitude. Christmases in my Tennessee  household were as you would expect them: big and extra.

My mother and all her sisters went over to ‘grammy’s’ house the night before and prepared Christmas dinner. My dad and his brother would go to grandma’s house and make Christmas lunch. We would than go to mass (both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) and go Christmas carolling.

Christmas Day was spent going to all our grandparents houses, going to our friends and family and later on serving dinner in the homeless shelter. I used to think that was an ‘okay’ way of spending our time at Christmas but only now I know how great of a way to spend it, it was.

I now am attending New York University and things have been hard. This is my first Christmas away from home and I am beginning to feel homesick. All I do now is go to this lovely 24 hour café, write my essays and FaceTime my family (and of course, drink lots of coffee).

On Christmas Day me and my dorm buddies all got together and celebrated Christmas (except for Kirsty, who is Jewish, she was only there for the fun). We ate fruitcake and instant turkey flavoured Ramen Noodles and drank lots of sparkling grape juice.

We exchanged presents (which consisted of a lot of gift cards, food and socks) and stayed up all night watching old Christmas movies and sneaking into the ice-skating rink.

Though vastly different, my Christmas at College and Christmases at home were both as magnificent as each other because of the memories I mad and the time I got to spend with the people I love.




~ Camelia Sucaliuc



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