Christmas Eve

By Sadbh M.

It was Christmas Eve. The snow was falling from the sky and it felt soft, as if made of fur.

There was a man. A man dressed in black from head to toe.

Through the darkness,I could see red, bright eyes beaming back at me. Staring.

He held out his hand as an almost kind gesture, yet some aggression in his eyes.

Then he spoke.It was a harsh, croaky yet soft voice.

“Follow” It stayted. I stood up. At this time, there was nobody on the streets. It was too late for that. As I stood, The dark creature took an angry step forward, as if it thought that I was about to run.

He was right. I sprinted down the streets and past the houses.

I thought about screaming, but if I would have screamed, that would only make the monster want to catch me more.

I was running faster and faster

I felt like a bullet.

I looked back. He wasn’t there, and that’s when I stopped.

That was the biggest mistake of my entire life.

Suddenly, a large dark cloud hovered over the atmosphere, as if like a blanket about to cover us.

There was thunder and lightning. Somehow, nobody woke up to see what was outside.

Suddenly, out of the blue, everything went black.

When I woke up, I found myself in a bed.

The ceiling was decorated with small decorations and designs.

I stood up, and walked over to the door. The door was a greyish white, with bits missing at the frame. I opened it, with a large creak. I was in a dull house, that appeared to be an old mansion on Christmas day. At least, I could only assume it was Christmas, as when I looked out of my window, it was day. I could hear the sound of crying in the room across the hall. I didn’t dare open it. I was so confused. I decided to finally go back to bed as it seemed to be quite early, even though I knew it wasn’t my house.I knew that somebody had put me in that house for a reason. And I was determined to find out why and even who….


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