Once I was daddy’s little girl

By Ailis Cherry-Kinito


Before Tiffani but now…….
It was a cold Monday night and the lake was sparkling in the moonlight. I was in South Street Park, my makeup on and my costume amazing. I was a vampire. Nothing big, but effective all the same. Simple tight black clothes. Dark red lips and fake fangs. 6 inch red heels and a black leather jacket. Stunning.

I had a pillowcase full of sweets and was getting ready to head back home. I was with my two best friends. Belle and Natalia. Belle an angel of course and Natalia a devil. We had gone around to all of the houses in the neighbourhood and had settled down in the park for about a half hour. But then it had started to get chilly so we packed all our stuff up and walk towards the big iron gates of the Park.
I dropped my friends home at both their houses and walked to my dads around the block. I snacked on a pack of crisps as I walked on.
It was, well..refreshing going home to my dads. Him and mum never talked after they got divorced and I was always with mum. I got to go to dads for new years, half of the summer and Halloween night. The odd visit during School weeks but that was it. He always kept a smile on his face for me. Even in the darkest times.
I always got on with dad. We did everything together. We went camping, fishing, rock climbing and lots more. Mum was never the outdoor type. So it was always just us. Playing football and pretending to be worlds most famous DJ’s. The best dad and me, daddy’s little girl.
Anyway, as I walked on I stumbled and a few sweets poured out of my pillowcase. I leaned down to pick them up when a sudden gust of wind, ice cold, swept past me. I pulled my jacket close to me to shield my warm heart from the cold world and continued to collect the sweets. But suddenly the gust came back sweeping me off my feet onto the road. The last things I saw were red flashing lights.
And then I was out cold.
I woke up in a hospital gown but a black one. Tubes running in and out of me. A nurse rushed in and told me to head down to the office. ‘Office?’ I thought to myself, but asked for directions and went along anyway. There’s was something gloomy in the corridor. A sense of mystery. I caught a look at my self in the mirror. My lips still red as blood but now I bore a think line of eyeliner and my lashes dark and almost touching my eyebrows. It was like I had become the vampire I was dressed as.
I eventually made it to the office and just as I was about to knock on the door it flung open and I felt a somewhat invisible pull drag me in. Once I was in, that was it. There was no turning back. The door slammed behind me and I dropped into the black armchair. And then a black hooded figure emerged from behind the chair. It reminded me of the dement-ors in Harry Potter. Big and gloomy. It rested down in the chair opposite me and started talking in a very low voice.
“Welcome Tiffani. You have been accepted to the ‘Hallowed Halls of Darkness”.
And with only that I was kick out and brought back to the ward by the dead looking nurses. I was put under another tube and given a sleeping pill. Then I was asleep with the click of the doctors fingers.
The next few hours after I woke up I just wandered around the different levels of the ‘Hallowed Halls of Darkness’.
I was still trying to figure what it all meant later on that night. I went to the ‘darkness’ food hall and when everyone came in I fled to the bathroom.
Wow did they scare me. They all looked….well…..like me. But I was in my costume. They were actually vampires and devils and other things that would scare little kids. It was just weird because when I came out of hiding they all treated me like I was one of them. Even though I was the new one. But they just accepted me.
In the next few days I was running the place. I would walk the grounds like a queen. The others were scared of me.
I changed. Something happened that night.
I became the vampire I was on Halloween.
I sent a letter to dad saying that I had gone to stay at a friends house. But later on into the week I went to see him.
I walked up the street. I got to the bottom of our drive, took a deep breath and I stepped forward. One step closer to the door. Once I stepped into the drive I was still in my vampire outfit and I planned to keep my fangs hidden. But as I walked up to the door I saw my reflection in the window and I was in a hoodie and tracksuit and when I smiled there was no fangs. It was like a mask. The old me that everyone sees and then the person that I see. The new me. The real me.
I stepped up to the door and rang the doorbell. Dad opened but there was something wrong. He was supposed to see me as the normal girl I was before but he looked at me strangely.
He looked at me with an expression I had never seen him wear before.
The expression was fear.
He feared me.
Without another word I leaped into the air. With tears in my eyes, I transformed to my bat side of a vampire and flew away. I turned back once and just in time to see him fall to his knees.
And then I understood. Everything had changed. I wasn’t what I was before.
I wasn’t Innocent.
Once I was Daddy’s little girl.
But not now.
Now…. The Vampire Queen


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