Justin Beaver

By Sean Fitzpatrick

Justin Bieber was like all pop stars; he thought he was great and he was on social media constantly. He lived in a nice house and wore nice clothes. He had it all: wealth, fame, and millions of adoring fans. He spend most of his time writing songs and performing concerts. He was known for having good hair, straight teeth and not being hairy.

It all started one Friday evening. Justin was performing a concert in New York. He was in the middle of singing “ Baby” when a crazy fan jumped up on the stage. Justin didn’t worry. This sort of thing happens all the time, and he knew the security guard would handle it. The girl ran up to the Justin, but the security guard was standing between them. The girl, who was only about 5’4 in height, ran straight through the massive guard and sent him flying across the stage. The crazed fan pounced on the worried pop star and sunk her teeth into his arm. Three of the security guards pulled her off of Justin and dragged her away. Justin got up. He felt a little dazed but felt no pain, just a little itchiness on his arm. He continued on with the concert

Justin woke the next morning. He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror like he always does. He was surprised, as he appeared to have a lot more facial hair than usual. He went to brush his teeth and noticed his usually perfect teeth didn’t look so perfect anymore. He looked like he had buck teeth. He couldn’t believe it . What had happened to him? He decided that he must be sick, so he went to bed for the whole day.

The next morning Justin woke up in the forest outside his home. He was very confused because it seemed like he had a weird aftertaste in his mouth. He came to the odd conclusion that it was wood, although he had no clue how he knew what wood tasted like. He shrugged off the weird incident and walked back to his house

When he arrived through the back door he saw the absolute state of the kitchen. All of his oak table and chairs and been gnawed and chewed by something. The thought that it could have been him crossed his mind but he quickly dismissed it . He knew the maid had probably left the door open and that an animal had probably come in. He heard the front door open. “It must be the maid”, he thought. He started shouting at her from inside the kitchen but all that came out was a weird sounding bark. “Wow, I really am sick”, he thought to himself. The maid walked in and screamed. Justin was annoyed at her screaming and continued to bark at her. He walked up to her, which only caused her to scream even more. He backed away and the maid called a number. “Hello? Animal control? I have a beaver in my house!”

There was a stern knock on on the door.
“Animal control open up!”
The maid rushed over and opened the door. “He’s in the kitchen.” She struggled to say it.
Justin had a seeking suspicion of what had happened to him. Slowly, he put the pieces together in his head; likes wood, hairy, big buck teeth, animal control? He must have somehow turned into a beaver! Although Justin was sceptical about this conclusion it was the only one that made any sense. He heard the animal control person walk into the kitchen with his gun loaded with tranquilliser darts. It was aimed straight at him. He stood there staring into the soulless eyes of the man with the gun. The man looked as though he had done this many times before. Justin thought about explaining himself but remembered that he couldn’t talk, so he did the only logical thing he could think of: he ran. He got about five meters away when he felt a sting in one of his hind legs. He looked back and saw that it was a tranquilliser dart. He tried to keep going but soon lost his ability to use his legs. His vision became blurred, and then it all went dark.

Justin woke up surrounded by clear skies and green trees with the soothing sounds of moving water and singing birds. He looked around around and was amazed. It was like a scene from Bambi. Moose, deer, birds all together in one space, all existing side by side, He heard voices coming from the river. “You put that stick there.” Odd things for a human to say, but he decided to go over anyway and see. When he got there he realised that the voices were not human, they were beavers, although they were speaking in a Canadian accent. He went over and introduced himself.
“ I’m Justin.” he said. The beaver who was in charge looked up.
“Great.”, he said. “You can start by gathering sticks.”
Justin replied, “I am not here to work”, and gritting his enormous teeth, he said, “I am looking for a way out”.
The leader started laughing and soon others joined in. “Do you not know where you are? Son, you’re in the Rocky Valley Nature Reserve.”
Justin’s jaw dropped. “How can I get out of here?”, he pleaded.
“I’m sorry son, it looks like you’re going to be here for a very long time.”, the leader said. “So you’d better start gathering those sticks!”


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