Should He, Shouldn’t He

by Daniel Wright

There he was, sitting in his car, the player tagged to be the next Pele, unsure what to do, about an email he just received. He was outside the training ground just coming out of the club gym as he looked down at his phone and got an email, that could change his life forever. You see he has a disability known as dyspraxia in which effects his reactions, balance and hand-eye coordination, and the email was talking about a treatment in testing that has a slight chance of removing it.

You might be wondering why he is torn between getting it and not getting it so I will tell you, after you learn a bit about him. His name is Jerry Toolbox, he is a 23 year old, 6 foot 8 inches tall, professional footballer playing for Arsenal football club, he is a centre forward and the press and newspapers call him lazy and oaf like as they do not know about his problems. That’s why he was at the training centre in his own time, not to make his legs bigger then size of full grown sheep, and his arms, don’t get me started on the size of his arms.

Anyway you are probably wondering why he is torn between getting the operation and not getting the operation and the reason that he is worried about is that, at the bottom of the email it said that the results are not 100% successful and that the operation actually has more of a chance of going wrong than it does right. You still may not understand the consequences so I will tell you them, it’s because if the operation fails then it will end his career at such a young age and he will never be able to play what he loved so so much ever again, and this for him was heart breaking as he was sick of listening to the press complain and lie about him but the other option s one that he is so afraid to have to do because of the likely ness that it will fail. This left him in a new part of his mind that he had never used before and it frightened him. He was so afraid of what might happen if he accepted the surgery and something went wrong. So he did what most players would do and he went to the most trustworthy member of the club, he went to his manager.

As he walked into the office he sat down across the table from the gaffer and explained the email that he had received. Of course the manager knew about his dyspraxia when he first signed for the club a swell as all of the players and boardroom staff, but the media didn’t. And after a long discussion they came up with an idea on how to end all of this media speculation about him being lazy and that was to tell the media, announce it in a press conference. This was a situation that toolbox had thought about before but he was to worried that they would pick holes and make up stories about that. But after sitting in that office he came to his senses and realised that the only logical way to get rid of this problem was to go at it head on and that’s what he, the manager and the club did. And it ended all of the media speculation for the meantime. A

fter the pre-match press conference he went out and walked onto the pitch with no fear or doubt in his mind about what the newspapers would write. The opposition was a good one but not good enough to beat this Arsenal team that has been put out as this Arsenal team are unbeaten all season and if they win this match it would be the second time in their history doing this, as well as winning the league title. They were playing Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane. At half time it was 1-0 Arsenal after a superb header by the rising centre back from a corner. Toolbox was starting to worry about what the media were thinking but as he walked by onto the pitch he completely forgot all about them as when he stepped on the pitch he heard the fans chanting “he scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Jerry Toolbox, he scores when he wants”.

The game ended 9-0 to Arsenal with Jerry Toolbox scoring all 8 goals in the second half including a diving header, a bicycle kick, a scorpion kick and a free kick.



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