Sarah Luna


by Lily Holt

Sarah sat down at the table facing her father; she was terrified of him since he hardly talked to her much, was always working in a stuffy, warm office that lacked in space in the basement and he never even smiled when he had seen Sarah every day. A small bowl of cereal with a jug of milk with a small glass of juice was all she’d have until lunch.

Sarah, though, stopped having school lunches for quite a long time, since she never ate much; she missed her mother since she had worked aboard for months or even years at a time. She worked in every country from Europe towards New Zealand since she lived in airports; she hadn’t seen Sarah since she was four years old. But, she’d died by then in a plane crash, that never made her see her family or Sarah again.

As Sarah took her time eating, she turned her head to see her father: stern faced, hairy, stocky; his eyes were focused on his newspaper he read before working. Sarah faced her bowl of cornflakes that were soggy after hardly eating any of them; she was curious about what went through that man’s head. Sarah didn’t understand why he never loved her much, treated her as a father would or if that promise of seeing her mother return would ever happen. Sarah turned to face the clock behind her realising it was time to leave for the school bus since she heard its horn. She didn’t see her father glance at her when she left but, he did.

Sarah rushed toward the school bus, despite how much she hated school. For a long time, she had been bullied by a girl in her class who would keep pushing her, calling her names or even hitting Sarah when she tired to tell her to stop. Her name was Sally Jacobs; she was Sarah’s enemy.

“Sarah, you can’t sit on that seat remember?” Sally warned her as Sarah approached towards a seat.

“Why not?” She asked as Sally shoved her off it.

“Because, you’re a skeleton. All your bones will fall off. The seat will be all dusty”, She answered as every child sniggered.

Sarah bitterly hurt, headed towards the front of the bus trying not to show any sign of tears. She got to sit down but, the seat was quite wobbly, scratched and stank of rotten fruit. Sarah was used to it though; she was forced to sit their every single day since the day she arrived at her new school. Children’s laughter was distant now as Sarah stared out of a window thinking if all this could end.

As soon as school was over, Sarah has been in the bathroom for the entire day, since Sally kept on teasing her. Her eyes were strained as her tears dried up, her face was bleeding, her beautiful, raven hair was knotted, soaking wet. She decided not to take the bus ever again since she knew now every day was going to get even worse than ever. Sally had punched her stomach and scraped her full force on her smooth, pale face with her long, sharp nails, minutes before her teacher arrived through the door. Four lines showed those scratches that could easily turn into scars for life.

Sarah sprinted home, through her local town, before the school was locked shut. Minutes later, she gave up as she fell onto a road that nearly made someone kill her.

Her father…

He got out not realising who was until he bent down to see his daughter he clearly didn’t recognise. Tears dribbled down his cheeks as he felt so ashamed for what he’d done. Sarah’s forehead was bleeding severely now since she’d bumped it, her scars still heavily bleed too, her hips seemed to be twisted which meant something awful had happened.

Sarah had become paralysed…

“Is it certain?” She heard her father ask as he sat beside her in a strange room.

“I’m afraid so”, a nurse replied squeezing Sarah’s father’s shoulder.

“Oh Sarah, what have I done? After all those years of not even talking to you until the worst day of your life comes, I was so angry about what happened to your mother”, He muttered as tears kept dripping down his cheeks.

“What happened to my mother, Daddy?” Sarah asked fully awake staring at him.

Sarah’s father kissed her cheek before answering. “Your mother is dead, I’m so sorry Sarah.”



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