by Molly Gordon-Boles

“Quick grab the TV! ”

Missy was alone upstairs hiding under her bed, her platinum blond hair shimmered in the moonlight. Her parents were at the local Indian restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary so they left missy at the house on her own. They lived on one of the wealthiest and sought after streets in the town, Gardener Road. Missy lived their since before she could remember just her and her parents.

“ Upstairs. There might be valuables ”

Missy was terrified, so much that she was shaking like a leaf. Creak, creak. She could hear the heaving footsteps coming closer and closer. Her heart was pounding so loud she could hear it ringing like a church bell. As they got closer she realised it was three men, they had big booming voices and all sounded young. It went silent for a few minutes. Missy relaxed she took a deep breath and -“ Well well well, look what we have here.” It was a short man he had hair as black as soot which matched what he was wearing.

“ Get up here you little worm and tell us who you are “ said another one of the men as she was lifted up by the short mans grotty arm.

“ I..I..I..” Missy couldn’t spit the words out, she was so terrified that she couldn’t stand up straight. “ what…are you doing here?” She was as quite as a mouse.

“ now we can use you as ransom you little worm “

Missy could see their belief belongings in their hands. Her mothers jewellery, the Amber necklace her dead grandmother gave her, her fathers computer that was still on his Facebook. She was so upset, everything was being taken away, even her life was at risk. She started to walk into the hall surrounded by the three men. As she walked she realised that her house was trashed. All the furniture was upside down and ruined. Things were smashed and broken glass was everywhere. It looked like an explosion had been set off. As she walked down the stairs she felt like the people that she learned about in history, walking to their death sentence. She had no clue what was going to happen as she was forced into their car.


















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