Detective Ward Collado

by Lucas Dolan

My name is detective Ward Collado and this is the case I have been waiting for, the case that lets me realise who I truly am.

I arrive home from the streets of London at 7:30pm. I walk up the stairs to my apartment, 221b Baker street. I take my scarf off and throw it on the ground and I hang up my coat on the back of the door. It’s cold, I need the fire on before I freeze. I put some coal and logs in the mantelpiece, I lean over to the side and grab some matches and ignite the fire. As the flames heat my face I gaze into the roars of the fire, two people emerge from the fire, it looks like me and my father when he gave me his trench coat before he… A tear starts to roll down my eye down to my cheek. I get up and go to the bathroom, I open the cabinet and grab one of my hallucination pills. I walk into my bedroom to rest. I set an alarm for 1 in the morning.

I wake up with a screeching noise, “WHO’S THERE?!”I yell. I open my bedside table and get my pistol. I walk to the end of my bed the noise gets louder and louder. I get a glimpse of my phone on the floor the alarm goes off… I’m getting paranoid. It’s  now 2-06am and the phone rings, “hello?” I say. “ Its Owens I’m at the medical examining office we’ve got a case meet me here” “when?” I reply “now”.

It’s 2:45am. I’m meeting Owens for a case I don’t know anything about but it seems important since he tries to avoid contact with me.

“Owens what’s the case?”

“Only if you agree to one condition”he says.

“What is it?”

“You need to work with an ex medic, he worked in NewGrange hospital, his name is Percy Reynolds.”

“Ok whats the case?” I ask.

Its 3:01am. I am working on a body with Percy Reynolds.  He is a bit goofy, he’s short, he has short hair and he isn’t the brightest of people but then again I’m comparing him to me, it doesn’t take a genius to know how smart I am. The body had the symbol of the angel clan branded on his lower back. The clan that murdered my father and I will get to the bottom of this and find out why they killed him.

“He has bruises all over his body they seem to have been from last week,” Percy says.

“So you’re saying they kept him alive and then killed him?”

“It seems like tha…woah there’s something in his eye” said Percy.

As he takes a piece of paper out from his eye I zone out thinking of all the different scenarios that might happen. “It has an address.” He said. I rushed over to the coat hanger, put my trench coat on and run out the door. I whistle for a taxi, “where ya-“ “willow woods” I interrupt the driver. Percy lags behind but he gets in before I get to ditch him.

It’s now 3:51pm and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for when I face the killer of my dad. I step inside, pushing the huge manor doors open, I hear someone clapping, “well done you found my fortress” a mysterious man says.

“WHO ARE YOU!? DID YOU KILL MY DAD?!” I scream from the top of my lungs.

“No you see your father is still alive and you fell for his trap.. You fell for my trap” he says. “NO! YOUR LYING!” I start yelling as tears fall  down my face. He walks down the stairs and goes up close to me and  says “that’s my coat.”

“You killed all them” I am interrupted. “Yes and no one can arrest a dead man can they?”

“But you’re not dead” I say.

“Only you know that” he says as he holds up a pistol to my head. “Goodbye-”

“Dad!” I interrupt him, and Percy shoots him.

It’s now 7:00pm and I light my dad’s coat on fire. He is the worst man to live and I’m the second worst because he is in my blood and I cannot live knowing I have similarities to him, which is why I’m on the roof of my apartment, which is why the streets of London will be red tonight.


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