The Phonecall

by Jennifer Barker


She walked down the village street dragging her sharp nails along the walls. Her nails screeched like she had been dragging her nails on a chalkboard. A big black gate stood in front of her at the top of the hill. Her feet lightly touched the ground beneath her as she walked over to her grandmother’s grave. Sophie’s knees dropped to the foot of the grave, her face filled with anger and sorrow until her facial expression dropped and she wept. Sophie didn’t have a great childhood, she had lived with her grandmother for eight years after the tragic death of her mother and father. Her parents died in a plane crash. The plane was traveling through an extremely rough and terrifying storm when it was hit by fierce lightning. The plane dropped as fast as the sudden deaths of all the passengers inside including Sophie’s mother and father. The plane was never discovered out at sea and no bodies where to be found.


Sophie made her way back home after a long hard day of working in the village supermarket. She was never paid as much as the others working there and she had always thought that her boss had been taking advantage of her because she was so young. She was only fifteen years old. She never stood up to her boss, as she was very quiet and awkward to communicate with. Her life was awful, she didn’t go to school meaning she didn’t have any friends to hang out with, she didn’t have much money so she couldn’t buy a healthy amount of food to last her each month, she didn’t have any family left so she was never loved or wanted by anyone.


She opened the door into the old bungalow and threw the keys onto the hall table. The neighbours around her thought that the house was abandoned, as Sophie didn’t like to be seen by herself in the house because she knew that one of the neighbours would call social services and have her taken away for adoption. Sophie never wanted to leave her grandmother’s house either because it felt like home to her and it was the only thing she had left to remind her of her grandmother. Sophie went upstairs and looked through a wardrobe for any money that had been lying around, so that she could buy something for her dinner. There she found a piece of paper with a phone number on it and a name saying Eileen. Sophie’s mother was called Eileen. She went downstairs and rang the number knowing that no one would answer.

“Hello…….” A voice said out of the telephone.


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