The Hopeless One

by Aisling Dillon Roberts

The heavy footsteps echoed as they neared toward the massive metal door. The door groaned as a man in his prime struggled to bust it open. Suddenly the door relented and a burly man in a nazi uniform tumbled in. Quickly recovering, his eyes were drawn to the bundle of rags huddled in the corner.

“Looks like the Jew finally gave up,” the cruel guard smirked maliciously. Startled the Jew, who was more skeleton than man, glanced quickly up at the door he stared at the beast with round eyes. “Please. I’m sorry” he whispered almost incoherently, the man had to strain his ears to hear what he had to say next, I wont try escape again, in fact I won’t try do anything again. Please just end my pain, end my suffering, I’m begging you just end it all.”


The guard was enraged. “HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME YOU WORTHLESS JEW!” He spat out the last word vehemently. He then went over to the Jew and began attacking him. Continuous kicks to the stomach. Again and again. The guard was shouting the same sentence over and over again. “HOPELESS JEW”


hopeless. That word rang in his mind. What was it to be hopeless? To have truly lost all passion. To truly believe there is nothing left worth living for. What does hopelessness look like? The only picture that came to his mind was him, huddled in his corner, wanting nothing than for death to greet him. The Jew thought, he must be hopeless.


After several minutes of kicking, the guard became bored. The Jew did not have a reaction, he just lay there in silence. This infuriated the guard. How dare this man who was clearly below him, both figuratively and physically, not be afraid. How dare he not beg for his life. But then the guard grinned as he remembered what he came here to do. He then began to chuckle.


The chuckle that escaped the guard’s mouth would haunt even the bravest of men. It was a cold malicious chuckle that could run down your spine and give you shivers. The Jew gulped. After the guard had stopped he spoke, a malicious grin still on his face “Don’t worry, you’ll get your wish soon.”

The Jew sighed with relief, soon it will be finished, soon it will all be over and he can finally be at peace. The guard told him weeks ago that his wife and daughter were both dead, after that he didn’t see any point in living. Soon he will be joining them.


He was led to the large open courtyard, the entire camp was there, they had been forced to watch the spectacle. He saw two guards holding two people who looked familiar. They had lost significant amounts of weight but it was definitely them. His wife and daughter were being held by two guards. They were alive! His daughter could become a doctor like she always dreamed. She will grow up without a dad, but at least she will grow up.


He realised something was wrong when the man holding the gun stood in front of his wife.“No” he whispered as the realisation hit him. “I want it to end for me not for them.” He screamed the last sentence agony ever present on his face. He looked into his wife’s eyes and mouthed the words I’m sorry. She just smiled and mouthed back  I love you.  BANG. He held back a sob, he refused to break in front of them. Then he saw an expressionless guard head towards his daughter. That was when he lost it. “NO! She has a future! You can’t do this.” He was detained by two guards as he heard the second BANG echo through the courtyard. He fell to the ground, sobbing, they had finally broken him. BANG! And that was the end of the hopeless one, just as he had gained his hope again.



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