by Ailis Cherry-Kinito

This diary belongs to Bethany White.

Under no circumstances must anyone read this diary. Especially mum or Johnny!


Eye colour: blue

Hair colour: blonde


Wow what a day! Johnny and I went to the adventure park because mum said she wanted us out of the house. She’s been acting very weird lately and Johnny thinks so as well! But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Mum’s been getting weirder and weirder. Like for instance yesterday, Johnny was about to answer the phone when mum rushed in basically knocking him to the ground. With all this weird behaviour only one thought comes to mind. But it can’t be, it’s too early.  Mum and dad have only been divorced two months.  Mum just couldn’t be dating again.


First thing you should know about my brother Johnny is that he can’t keep a secret. So I knew something was up when he started knocking on my door with his cheeks bright red like traffic lights. He came in and sat on the bed shaking but wouldn’t say anything so I made him a hot chocolate. When I came back he had calmed down a bit. I handed him the hot chocolate and then after a few sips he blurted everything out.


Sorry I left like that, mum called me for dinner. Anyway Johnny told me some interesting news. Himself and mum had gone to see one of Mum’s “new” friends while I was out. But what really annoyed me was that mum had told Johnny not to tell me!! This is really suspicious. First the phone calls and now the secret meet ups and even worst, I’m not supposed to know about any of it.


Well all my questions have been answered but I’m not sure if I should be happy or not…. Never mind, I’m sure I’m supposed to be mad, upset and just shocked. I was right, mum is dating again. And the worst part is that he’s way below mum. He’s just some doofus named Ollie. He loves mum and hates us.


I didn’t mention how I encountered Ollie. It was very awkward. I was downtown with my best friend Emma and I tripped and made him spill his coffee. He went completely mad and started shouting at me until he realised who I was. His face turned bright red and he started to soften a little. I don’t know a lot of thing but one thing I do know is that he isn’t a good person for  mum.


Ollie came to visit us again. He had bought mum a bouquet of flowers and brought me and Johnny a pencil. And when I say a pencil I mean one pencil between us. What are we supposed to do break it in half. He’s a bit weird. He gets really tense and nervous when we ask him questions about his past life or when mum asks him about how we met he answers with a simple “ just bumped into each other in the store”. Of course mum is absolutely oblivious to the weird behavior. She’s gone completely mad. Johnny is getting worried too. He said  that he didn’t like Ollie because Ollie was never honest to mum. I asked him how he knew that and he said Ollie had pushed him over and that when mum came in he told her Johnny had tripped and he was helping him up.


Mums gone out tonight to dinner with Ollie. It’s just me and Johnny. We’ve just put on a movie and we’re gonna take it easy tonight after all we do have quite busy lives. We’re gonna—

OMG mum scared me to death. She must of only been gone for twenty minutes but she just stormed into to the house as the movie was starting. She slammed her handbag down on the table and went off to her room. Apparently dad had been at the restaurant, rude remark, Ollie defends mum, blah blah blah…

I could tell she had been crying. Her mascara was dripping and the space  around her eyes was red.


Do you ever get that weird feeling in your stomach when you’re nervous. That’s what I have now because mum said that herself and Ollie had some exciting news but she won’t tell us. This is bad. Really bad.

The only exciting news in their lives could be two things. A baby or marriage or both!!!


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