by  Molly Gordon-Boles


I wake up surrounded in smoke. All I see is black. I crawl out of my bed as quickly as I can but it is painfully hard to breath. I run into what I think is my hall and it is on fire. All my family’s belongings are burning to dust. Things like my mother’s quilt which she spent months on, all the things we spent years saving up for destroyed in a matter of seconds. I run to the closest window. I look outside and there are people dressed in black with balaclavas and big guns. Already I see the outline of people on the ground probably dead or injured. There is splattered blood on the walls of the street and bullets holes surrounded with smashed glass. I hear screaming and gunshots. How can they do that? I feel so sick, I want to cry but I cant. Continue reading



by Niamh McCracken

Sintra Falls walked down the narrow school corridors. The sun shone angrily through the closed glass windows, her hair caught in its bright glimmer. The walls were white, the paint beginning to peel off at the edges. Her heels clicked loudly on the wooden floor, beckoning accusing glares from her classmates, from people who didn’t even know her. She made her way to her shabby locker, and opened it, staring solemnly at its unadorned walls. The girl next to her was digging in her own locker, gushing over some cute magnets she had just put up. Sintra ignored her. She didn’t like cute magnets. She didn’t know what she liked actually. If one was to ask her of her hobbies, of her likes and dislikes, she wouldn’t be able to give a solid answer. She changed, flickering from activity to activity like a bee gathering nectar. But she never stayed at one. And she could never truthfully say she enjoyed any of them. Continue reading

Detective Ward Collado

by Lucas Dolan

My name is detective Ward Collado and this is the case I have been waiting for, the case that lets me realise who I truly am.

I arrive home from the streets of London at 7:30pm. I walk up the stairs to my apartment, 221b Baker street. I take my scarf off and throw it on the ground and I hang up my coat on the back of the door. It’s cold, I need the fire on before I freeze. I put some coal and logs in the mantelpiece, I lean over to the side and grab some matches and ignite the fire. As the flames heat my face I gaze into the roars of the fire, two people emerge from the fire, it looks like me and my father when he gave me his trench coat before he… A tear starts to roll down my eye down to my cheek. Continue reading


by Alanah Bradshaw


I stood in front of my mirror pulling at my skin.

“Gaaaah,” I screamed why did I have to be born with this bloody girls body, I can’t take this anymore.

Salty tears began to role down my cheeks and onto my unwanted chest before my mother barged into my room.

“Maya what the hell are you doing!” She demanded. “Now get ready for school!”

I wish she would leave me alone, or at least stop treating me like the girl I’m never meant to be… Continue reading


by Molly Gordon-Boles

“Quick grab the TV! ”

Missy was alone upstairs hiding under her bed, her platinum blond hair shimmered in the moonlight. Her parents were at the local Indian restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary so they left missy at the house on her own. They lived on one of the wealthiest and sought after streets in the town, Gardener Road. Missy lived their since before she could remember just her and her parents. Continue reading

Should He, Shouldn’t He

by Daniel Wright

There he was, sitting in his car, the player tagged to be the next Pele, unsure what to do, about an email he just received. He was outside the training ground just coming out of the club gym as he looked down at his phone and got an email, that could change his life forever. You see he has a disability known as dyspraxia in which effects his reactions, balance and hand-eye coordination, and the email was talking about a treatment in testing that has a slight chance of removing it. Continue reading

Sarah Luna


by Lily Holt

Sarah sat down at the table facing her father; she was terrified of him since he hardly talked to her much, was always working in a stuffy, warm office that lacked in space in the basement and he never even smiled when he had seen Sarah every day. A small bowl of cereal with a jug of milk with a small glass of juice was all she’d have until lunch. Continue reading

Belle of the ball

By Aisling Dillon- Roberts


Belle of the ball

68 and all alone,
her kids had dumped her in a home,
It was harder everyday to force a smile,
Her only pleasure was thinking of him for a while,

He would make her laugh when she was stressed,
He would iron her clothes before he got dressed,
and he would dance with her down the hall,
‘anything for the belle of the ball’

Continue reading

Just puntastic

by Rhianna Mason

What was the teacher saying? I try focusing on what he’s blabbering on about, but I end up doing that thing where you focus so much on focusing that you can’t focus…. And now I’m not listening again! Focus! FOCUS!!

The principal made it very clear that if I get into trouble one more time I’ll get suspended!

But it’s not my fault that Ms. Millards put her hair too close to the Bunsen  burner! Trouble just always seems to find me! Continue reading