TCG Tales… in print

Last year’s publication of Temple Carrig Tales was a great success.  There are only ten copies remaining, if you’d like to get one they are available at the office.  Soon we’ll be posting a sneak preview of the 2018 edition!

Some Seasonal Stories

The First Year Creative Writing class are off to a great start and have put together a selection of flash fiction and poetry inspired by Christmas.  Enjoy!

The Story Of The Man On The Corner

by Keeva Murphy

I was once happy. I had a family a home and was earning money. I lived with my wife, two daughters and my son. We were a happy family. We lived on the outskirts of a city. Our favourite time of year was Christmas. About 4 weeks before Christmas my family and I would go and chop down our Christmas tree at the local Christmas tree farm and then would go and buy new decorations. We have a star that my grandmother passed down to me when she passed away. It was silver,white with gold spots on each on each of the arms. The centre of the star has always been my favourite. It was a picture of me as a young boy sitting on my grandmothers lap. Continue reading

Christmas Eve

By: Ailbhe Carré

I could hear the laughter of children, the murmur of conversations, each one different, all coming together with the many footsteps to create the noise of the street. The Christmas lights sparkled like a galaxy of stars. The smell of pine needles and turkey filled my nostrils as I stood up from where I was sitting. I started to walk. I passed a merry group of people singing Christmas carols. A little girl smiled at me, naturally I smiled back but kept moving. The cold winter air nipped at my skin, turning my breath to steam as small snowflakes gradually began to fall. Continue reading

My (low-budget) Christmas

 by Camelia Sucaliac

My first Christmas away from home was spent differently than usual, but that’s what made me realise how special Christmas is.

“Christmas; it is like any other day, but more hyped up” that’s what I used to think.

I was a spoiled child with a higher-middle class family with an ‘all-American’ attitude. Christmases in my Tennessee  household were as you would expect them: big and extra.

My mother and all her sisters went over to ‘grammy’s’ house the night before and prepared Christmas dinner. My dad and his brother would go to grandma’s house and make Christmas lunch. We would than go to mass (both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) and go Christmas carolling. Continue reading


by Rachel Waller

The cold wind howled around him, the snow crunching beneath his feet. He shivered. He missed them all. His mother was killed, his father and half-brother were in a war that made no sense. His step mother was at home, so Roger wasn’t worried about her.

Roger clicked his tongue, his horse immediately obeying him. His horse was a black stallion, and was the fastest in the land. Roger got on to his hose and rode slowly home. Continue reading

Christmas Eve

By Sadbh M.

It was Christmas Eve. The snow was falling from the sky and it felt soft, as if made of fur.

There was a man. A man dressed in black from head to toe.

Through the darkness,I could see red, bright eyes beaming back at me. Staring.

He held out his hand as an almost kind gesture, yet some aggression in his eyes.

Then he spoke.It was a harsh, croaky yet soft voice. Continue reading